Wooden Camera UVF EVF Universal Mount


EVFs (electronic view finders) are becoming more affordable and a standard feature with every professional video camera. EVFs allow the camera operator to adjust the eyepiece to a more ergonomic position regardless of where the camera is mounted. An EVF can be especially useful in bright outdoor shooting conditions. Popular affordable models are the Zacuto EVF, SmallHD DP4, Alphatron, and Cineroid EVFs.

zacuto-evfalphatron-evfcineroid retina

If you’re looking for one of the best EVF mounting solutions, check out the Wooden Camera UVF EVF Universal Mount. The universal mount can be used with practically any EVF available on the market and offers solid construction, and at the same time flexibility to position your EVF in any orientation.

The Wooden Camera UVF mount can be found at B&H (click here)

Wooden Camera UVF EVF Universal Mount

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