Unboxing the DEFY G2 Brushless Motor Camera Stabilizer


Finally the DEFY G2 3-axis Camera Stabilizer has arrived. Unlike steadicams that require practice and skill and the talent to balance a camera using heavy counterweights, these new brushless motor stabilizers rely on a controller and motors to keep the camera’s horizon level at all times. Since the stabilizer does not require counterweights, the overall system remains lightweight and agile. Here’s a look at what comes with the kit.

Product Description:
The DEFY G2 features a full 3-axis control, two modes of operation: “Follow Me” and “Stabilize”, and integrated on/off switch. Purchase includes the gimbal, two LIPO batteries for approximately four hours of collective operation, LIPO battery charging station, and a crushproof/waterproof PELICAN case.

DEFY G2 Camera Stabilizer video

The DEFY G2 is comprised of lightweight, hexagonal carbon fiber tubes and high quality aluminum components. Uniquely incorporating a limited number of easy to adjust thumb screws into its design in place of hex bolts, users can field assemble and balance without tools in just minutes. Filming with the DEFY G2 is equally easy, allowing nearly anyone with little to no training to use. The DEFY G2 is scalable, meaning it can quickly adapt to various cameras and lenses during a shoot due to the ease of its field balancing.

A new larger G5 version has recently been announced and can support heavier DSLR Video Cameras. You can find additional information about the DEFY Camera Stabilizer by visiting their website at http://defygimbal.com/.

DEFY G2 / G5 Brushless Motor Camera Stabilizers

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