SmallHD AC7 (non-OLED) LCD Display Monitor


SmallHD’s latest AC7 LCD Monitors are available in an IPS LCD display or OLED Version (Check here for my AC7 OLED Video). These are some of the best and most affordable LCD Displays on the market today offering Focus Assist, DSLR Scale, Frame Guides and more. The IPS LCD Version is slightly smaller with a 7″ display while the OLED Version is available in a 7.7″ display. Both LCD monitors have replaced the popular DP6 and provide an 8-bit 720p video resolution. Inputs available are HDMI, Component, Composite, and optional SDI (SDI required for BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera). Find out more about the SmallHD AC7 IPS and OLED displays at

SmallHD AC7 Displays
SmallHD AC7 IPS LCD and OLED Monitors for Video

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