Slow Motion Video Booth with Sony FS700 + Metabones Speed Booster


Last night our friends at Zendesk asked us to do a photo booth for their “Ballrs” event. Not only did they ask us to do it in video but they also wanted it to be in super slow-mo! We’ve had plenty of experience in doing photo booths and slow-mo photography but never both at the same time! BUT we were confident that we could pull it off!

For the shoot, we decided to go with the Sony FS700 Super 35 Camcorderand shoot at a super slow 240fps (10x slower than normal speed!). We thought about going with the RED Epic but we figured 4 hours of slow-motion video would be too much of a hassle to data wrangle.

Zendesk also didn’t really need stills pulled so dealing with the 5K resolution would of been overkill for a video that was going straight to the web. Regardless, 1080p from the FS700 still looks great! I used the F&V K4000 LED Panels to light the booth and for glass I used the Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II with Metabones Speed Booster to give a Full Frame View.

To make the video even more fun, I asked my assistant Scott Mason to hand people props that would look great in slow-motion like bubbles, confetti, party-poppers, silly string, and much more. Our creative participants weren’t shy and it didn’t take long until they started using their own props.

When we hit post-production and editing, we just loved how well it edited to dubstep music. I’m convinced that dubstep and slow-mo is match made in heaven.

Overall, we had a blast shooting and editing the video booth. Everyone had a great time filming and we had a constant stream of participants. It also got really messy quick!

Sony FS700
Sony FS700 Super 35 Camcorder

Metabones Speedbooster Sony Adapter FUll Frame
Metabones SPeedbooster Full Frame Adapter

Typically you might experience flickering from LED lights, but the F&V K4000 LED panels performed very well despite this high speed setting. The lights operated for over 4 hours on just V-Mount batteries.
fvlighting k4000 led light panels
F&V K4000 Daylight & K4000s Bi-Color LED Video Light Panels

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  • How many of the K4000′s did you use to get exposure? 1/250 or 1/500 shutter?

  • Awesome video. I had the opportunity to use the FS700 for the first time last weekend. I set up a slow motion video booth for a client and was very happy with the results. Having only received the camera 10 hours prior to the wedding I was surprised at how easy and accessible the features were on it. One thing I wasn’t aware of was the amount of light required when shooting in super slow motion. Luckily I had access you several constant Lowell 250 watt lights. Great camera!
    Here’s the video:

  • luis ongpin says:

    What do you think a fair price for a slo mo setup is, the market is pretty new so just trying to figure out what’s the market gonna be like…

    • Marlon Torres says:

      I had about $20k worth of equipment that I brought to do this shoot. That should give you a ballpark figure. Hope that helps.

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