Redrock Micro Universal Video Matte Box Review


The Redrock Micro Universal Matte Box works with video cameras, 35mm lens adapters, and motion picture film cameras. The flattened shade is designed to work for wide angle lenses. With a Swing-away design, lens and filter changes are fast and simple. The Universal Matte Box has separate locking knobs for filter position and filter rotation using Metal filter trays with spring-loaded filter locks

Redrock Micro Matte Box Flag universal

All filter stages rotate to a full 360° and support up to 5.65″ square filter trays. The Dual purpose filter tray for 4×4″ and 4×5.65″ filters. Additional tray options will be available to support up to 5.65″ square filters. The Redrock Micro Matte Box is an all metal construction with the exception of the lens shade and lens adapter which is made in high impact ABS. Adaptable to various lens sizes (lens opening with lens connector: 140mm, without: 155mm). You can find the Redrock Micro Universal MatteBox Delux Bundle via B&H Photo Video (here)

Redrock Micro Universal Matte Box Deluxe Bundle


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