Portable Telescoping Aluminum Mini Video Jib / Mini Crane


Here’s a quick overview of a new affordable Portable Telescoping Mini Video Jib for DSLRs or or other small video cameras. This mini video crane is very lightweight and easy to setup. You may have to purchase additional weights if you plan to use it at full extension, but otherwise the product offers great value.

It is constructed mainly out of lightweight aluminum, comes with an bowl adapter, and a few counterweights. The Portable Mini video Jib / Crane can be found on both Amazon (here) and eBay (here).

Portable Mini Jib
Portable Telescoping Mini Aluminum Video Crane Jib

eBay Products – Portable Mini Jib Cranes


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  • JIM TALBOT says:

    I got one of these jibs from E-Photo on Amazon. First, they will not hold the weight 5.5kg, which is stipulated in the advertising. The included weights are not enough to hold a 5D Mark ll. The most aggravating is that in mine the rods
    easily came out of the joint locks. Replacing them back into the joints tested my sanity, but I finally got them back in; however, the jib did not have it’s original fluidity after that. I complained to the seller and got them to pay my freight back to their warehouse. Finally, I believe the price has been increased
    on this item since it’s initial posting on Cheesy Cam. This is one to stay away from.

    • Thanks for sharing. Sorry you’ve had so much trouble with yours. I’ve been using mine on a regular bases and it’s been great. My biggest issues is that the included weights isn’t enough to hold a 5D. I’ve had to throw a sandbag or two to make it make it work smoothly.

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