SmallHD AC7 (non-OLED) LCD Display Monitor


SmallHD’s latest AC7 LCD Monitors are available in an IPS LCD display or OLED Version (Check here for my AC7 OLED Video). These are some of the best and most affordable LCD Displays on the market today offering Focus Assist, DSLR Scale, Frame Guides and more. The IPS LCD Version is slightly smaller with a 7″ display while the OLED Version is available in a 7.7″ display. Both LCD monitors have replaced the popular DP6 and provide an 8-bit 720p video resolution. Inputs available are HDMI, Component, Composite, and optional SDI (SDI required for BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera). Find out more about the SmallHD AC7 IPS and OLED displays at

SmallHD AC7 Displays
SmallHD AC7 IPS LCD and OLED Monitors for Video

Redrock Micro Universal Video Matte Box Review


The Redrock Micro Universal Matte Box works with video cameras, 35mm lens adapters, and motion picture film cameras. The flattened shade is designed to work for wide angle lenses. With a Swing-away design, lens and filter changes are fast and simple. The Universal Matte Box has separate locking knobs for filter position and filter rotation using Metal filter trays with spring-loaded filter locks

Redrock Micro Matte Box Flag universal

All filter stages rotate to a full 360° and support up to 5.65″ square filter trays. The Dual purpose filter tray for 4×4″ and 4×5.65″ filters. Additional tray options will be available to support up to 5.65″ square filters. The Redrock Micro Matte Box is an all metal construction with the exception of the lens shade and lens adapter which is made in high impact ABS. Adaptable to various lens sizes (lens opening with lens connector: 140mm, without: 155mm). You can find the Redrock Micro Universal MatteBox Delux Bundle via B&H Photo Video (here)

Redrock Micro Universal Matte Box Deluxe Bundle

Rokinon 85mm T/1.5 Cine Lens Review


A look at Rokinon’s latest 85mm T/1.5 Cine Lens. Build quality feels very solid. The Cine lens lineup from Rokinon offers de-clicked aperture rings and built in lens gears. Focus is very smooth and images are very sharp for this price point. This lens will provide smoother focus movements over Auto Focus Photo Lenses that only provide a short throw. Video samples were taken with the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. The Roknon Cine Lenses are available in 8mm, 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm suited for Nikon, Canon, Sony, and more. Check out the entire line of Rokinon Products (found here).

Rokinon Manual Aperture Cine Lenses

Laing Camera Support Steadicam Vest Video Stabilizer – Flying RED Scarlet


The Laing M-02 Camera Support Vest Stabilizer Kit is a quality Steadicam Vest Stabilizer Kit that is designed to fly heavy camera setups. This system is not recommended for lightweight setups. I have been using this system to fly a Sony FS700 camera as well as a fully rigged up RED Scarlet weighing 22 lbs. The top stage comes with a quick release plate system and can be dialed with fine tuning knobs. One other unique feature is the ability to balance the stabilizer with the camera tilted at an upward or downward +/- 45 degree angle.

Steadicam Laing M02 RED ScarletProcinematools review Laing Steadicam RED User
Laing Camera Support M-02 Stabilizer Vest Kit – via eBay

The bottom sled provides enough counterweights for a heavy top load and a Monitor Display can be mounted for optional viewing. The Stabilizer post can be telescoped to different heights. There are many cheaper stabilizer kits designed to fly lightweight camera systems, but for more professional camera setups such as the RED Scarlet, the Laing M-02 is highly recommended. You can find the Laing Stabilizer Vest Kit via eBay (Click Here).

Laing Vest Steadicam Sony FS100 RED Epic Scarlet FS700Laing Steadicam Vest Sony FS700Procinematools Steadicam Laing M-02 RED Scarlet
Laing Camera Support M-02 Stabilizer Vest Kit – via eBay

Metabones Speed Booster Adapter Review – Sony FS700


The Metabones website (click here)Metabones Speed Booster adapter works to provide your Sony NEX system camera to with a full frame view. Similar to telephoto extenders that multiply the focal distance of a lens and often lose 1-2 stops of light through the conversion, the SpeedBooster works in reverse. This is possible due to the smaller sensor of the camera. It will widen the view of the NEX similar to a full frame camera and adds an additional stop to your Canon EF lenses. This is an amazing tool and is available to adapt a number of different cameras and lenses. Check out the product at the Metabones website (click here)

Canon EF SpeedBooster
Metabones Speed Booster Adapter

Sony Shipping new 4K Cameras


Sony is now shipping The CineAlta™ 4K professional cameras, the PMW-F5, and the new PMW-F55. Sony has also began shipping the new PVM-X300 30″ IPS 4K monitor. Prices for these products range from $16,000 to $31,0000 US dollars. Find out more details and specs about the new arrival of 4K Sony products through the links (below).

Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Digital Cinema Camera $16,400.00

Sony PMW-F55
Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Digital Cinema Camera $28,990.00

Sony 30″ PVM-X300 4K TRIMASTER Monitor $31,679.00

$2000 Off Instant Rebate on Canon C300


Currently there’s a $2,000.00 US Instant Rebate offered for the Canon C300. This is Canon’s top of the line EOS Cinema camera that offers great dynamic range and color reproduction right out of the camera without all the difficulties of working with large RAW files. A great camera to speed up your post process and still deliver stunning results. The rebate is available until the end of April (found here)

Canon C300
Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camcorder Body (EF Lens Mount)

Cinevate Durus Follow Focus


Here’s an overview of the Cinevate Durus Follow Focus system. The Durus follow focus is available for 15mm rails and 19mm rails. The build quality and finish of the product can easily be compared to systems twice it’s retail price.With no backlash, the Durus has a very smooth focus action and very precise. You can find the Cinevate Durus Follow Focus system via eBay (click here).

Cinevate Durus
Cinevate Durus Follow Focus System

SmallHD AC7 OLED Display HDMI SDI Monitor


Here’s an overview of SmallHD’s latest AC7 OLED Video Monitor. The AC7 is a 7.7″ 1280×800 resolution 8bit color OLED screen that gives you amazing color reproduction and true blacks. The AC7 is built for long lasting durability with a milled aluminum skeleton that gives it an ultra-strong frame. Check out the drop test video below.

The SmallHD AC7 OLED screen so far offers the best display on the market in it’s price point. Find out more about SmallHD products at

AC7 OLED Monitor
SmallHD AC7 OLED Display HDMI SDI Monitor

Wooden Camera BMC Kit for BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera


BlackMagic Design’s new Cinema Camera is truly an ergonomic nightmare, so the first upgrade on your list might be adding a basic handle. The Wooden Camera BMC Kit is a great solid starter set for the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. This includes a mini base to attach 15mm rails, a top handle, and nato rail system for quickly mounting and removing a solid cheese handle. The Wooden Camera BMC kit can be found via Amazon (click here).

Wooden Camera BMC Kit BMCC BlackMagic Cinema
Wooden Camera BMC (basic) Kit for BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

The Wooden Camera BMC Kit (Advanced & Pro Kits) are also available at B&H Photo (Click Here)
Wooden Camera Advanced Pro BMC Kit
Wooden Camera BMC (Advanced & Pro) Kits for BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

F&V K4000 Daylight LED Light Panels Overview


LED lighting draws very little power so it can be use in just about any location, and is portable through battery power. They are also ‘cool’ lights unlike continuous hot lights that will cause your subjects to sweat and become uncomfortable.

F&V’s latest K4000 Daylight and K4000s Bi-Color LED Light Panels are an excellent source of lighting for the budget minded Filmmaker. It offers a very clean source of light with a high CRI rating, free from dreaded color casts many cheaper LED Light Panels suffer from. Build quality is excellent and diffusion with the Milk Filter is flattering for subjects. The Bi-Color model allows you to adjust color temperature anywhere between 3200K – 5600K when working under mixed lighting. More information about F&V Lighting products can be found at:

fvlighting k4000 led light panels
F&V K4000 Daylight & K4000s Bi-Color LED Video Light Panels

Sony New 70-400mm and 50mm F/1.4Lenses


Sony is adding a few New-Generation A-Mount Lenses to the α Interchangeable Lens Camera System. New models include the 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II and Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM lenses, designed to complement the impressive imaging capabilities of Sony’s full-frame α99 SLT (Translucent Mirror) camera.

New 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II telephoto zoom (model SAL70400G2)
Ideal for capturing wildlife and action-packed sports, the new, upgraded 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II super-telephoto zoom lens builds on the premium performance of its predecessor with enhanced optics and faster, more responsive autofocus. The lens features a new LSI drive circuit and faster AF responsiveness, making the ultimate choice for capturing crisp, sharply focused still images and Full HD videos of fast moving subjects.

The new-generation SAL70400G2 lens also features Sony’s proprietary Nano AR Coating on its optical surface. Offering around five times the efficiency of conventional anti-reflection coatings, it reduces flare and ghosting for exceptionally high-contrast images.

Sony 70-400mm
Sony New-Generation 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II ($2,200)

New Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM (model SALF0F14Z)
The new Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM prime lens joins the existing Distagon 24mm, Planar 85mm and Sonnar 135mm in Sony’s A-mount range of prime length optics by Carl Zeiss. With a fixed 50mm focal length and extra-bright F1.4 aperture, the premium lens is an ideal choice for professional-quality portraiture and low-light shooting.

Featuring eight lens elements in five groups with two aspherical elements, the brand new optical design on the SAL50F14Z lens is optimized for use with Sony’s full-frame α99 camera. The lens maintains exceptional resolving power and contrast at all apertures, and utilizes a rear-focus system to focus smoothly, quietly and effectively. It is also dust- and moisture-resistant, extending the appeal to a wide range of outdoor shooting applications.

Sony zeiss 50mm
New Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM (model SALF0F14Z)

Laing Camera Support Steadicam Test Footage


The Laing Arm / Vest Camera Support Stabilizer kit is an affordable alternative Steadicam for heavier camera setups such the Sony FS700 or RED Scarlet. The above video shows an example of footage shot from one of these products. Many are comparing this to other systems over $5,000 US dollars, yet the Laing vest can be purchased for under $1700 dollars (found here)

Laing Camera Support Vest Stabilizer Kit

Kamerar Follow Focus for the Budget Filmmaker


The Kamerar FF-3 Follow Focus is a great entry level follow focus that still appears very professional with an all metal build quality and anodized finish. The Kamerar FF-3 follow focus can be purchased for just $99 dollars (found here)

Kamerar FF-3 Follow Focus
Kamerar FF-3 Video Follow Focus for 15mm Rail Systems