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Hey guys, I recently completed a TV spot for Monster Headphones that’s been airing on ESPN and I wanted to share some of the behind-the-scenes of the process.

The concept was to showcase various features of Monster’s iSport line of headphones through athletes doing various training sessions like boxing, cross-fit, running, and etc. The production was a 3 day shoot shot in various locations in the bay area from San Francisco to Walnut Creek.

We used the RED Scarlet with a set Duclos-moded Zeiss ZE lenses and the amazing Canon CN-E30-105mm T2.8L telephoto cinema lens. The Canon zoom isn’t cheap, retailing at around $23k but it is definitely by far one of the best zoom lenses I’ve used not named Augenieux.

For the indoor scenes, we wanted to do a higher contrast lighting set up (we were inspired by Million Dollar Baby) and we achieved this with mostly our 1200W HMI Arrisun’s, 2k and 650w ARRI fresnels, and 4×4 Bank Kino-Flos for fill. For the exteriors, we shot in the late afternoon and simply relied on the beautiful natural light (and the occasional bounce card) to do the magic for us.

As for camera support, we kept fairly simply. We were on sticks for the majority of time except for the boxing and running scenes. We used our trusty Wooden Camera shoulder rig to shoot the boxing scene as we felt a handheld look complimented the impact of the punches better than locked off shots. We also used the CAME stabilizer arm and vest to fly our RED Scarlet. The CAME is an incredibly cheap Chinese clone of the Steadicam but it worked very well for us at the fraction of the cost.

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