Laing Camera Support Steadicam Vest Video Stabilizer – Flying RED Scarlet


The Laing M-02 Camera Support Vest Stabilizer Kit is a quality Steadicam Vest Stabilizer Kit that is designed to fly heavy camera setups. This system is not recommended for lightweight setups. I have been using this system to fly a Sony FS700 camera as well as a fully rigged up RED Scarlet weighing 22 lbs. The top stage comes with a quick release plate system and can be dialed with fine tuning knobs. One other unique feature is the ability to balance the stabilizer with the camera tilted at an upward or downward +/- 45 degree angle.

Steadicam Laing M02 RED ScarletProcinematools review Laing Steadicam RED User
Laing Camera Support M-02 Stabilizer Vest Kit – via eBay

The bottom sled provides enough counterweights for a heavy top load and a Monitor Display can be mounted for optional viewing. The Stabilizer post can be telescoped to different heights. There are many cheaper stabilizer kits designed to fly lightweight camera systems, but for more professional camera setups such as the RED Scarlet, the Laing M-02 is highly recommended. You can find the Laing Stabilizer Vest Kit via eBay (Click Here).

Laing Vest Steadicam Sony FS100 RED Epic Scarlet FS700Laing Steadicam Vest Sony FS700Procinematools Steadicam Laing M-02 RED Scarlet
Laing Camera Support M-02 Stabilizer Vest Kit – via eBay

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  • Alan Austin says:

    Looks like a very nice rig and at a very nice price…Going to look into it….
    Thanks for the post

  • Howard says:

    I can’t fit my FS700 to the laing. What plate do I need to buy?

    I also need to buy the monitor and battery (it didn’t come with it). Where can I buy this in the UK?

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