F&V K4000 Daylight LED Light Panels Overview


LED lighting draws very little power so it can be use in just about any location, and is portable through battery power. They are also ‘cool’ lights unlike continuous hot lights that will cause your subjects to sweat and become uncomfortable.

F&V’s latest K4000 Daylight and K4000s Bi-Color LED Light Panels are an excellent source of lighting for the budget minded Filmmaker. It offers a very clean source of light with a high CRI rating, free from dreaded color casts many cheaper LED Light Panels suffer from. Build quality is excellent and diffusion with the Milk Filter is flattering for subjects. The Bi-Color model allows you to adjust color temperature anywhere between 3200K – 5600K when working under mixed lighting. More information about F&V Lighting products can be found at: http://FVLIGHTING.com.

fvlighting k4000 led light panels
F&V K4000 Daylight & K4000s Bi-Color LED Video Light Panels

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