Equipment Used for Project – 1190 Mission: Trinity Place

I get a lot questions about what type of equipment I use for a typical Torres Studios video production so I figured I’d right a little blog about the video I recently produced for 1190 Mission: Trinity Place.

1190 Mission: Trinity Place is an apartment complex that was recently completed on San Francisco’s Market St. Our client, Trinity Management, asked to us to produce a video that not only shows the beauty of the building and its individual units but also the surrounding neighborhood as well. That’s when we decided to do a “day in the life” video where we follow our actress Emily Claeys around various areas of the complex as well as cool restaurants and bars around the neighborhood.

We decided to use the BlackMagic Cinema Camera (BMCC) as our main camera and a hacked 5D Mark III with RAW capabilities as our B Camera. The reason I chose the BMCC as our main camera was strictly due to it’s portability and quick set up time. We had about a total of 2 days shooting for the entire video so speed and portability were very important to the production. I briefly entertained the notion of doing the commercial on my RED Scarlet but quickly decided against it due to the Scarlet’s more complicated nature. It’s simply much higher maintenance and simply wasn’t the right camera for the job.

BlackMagic Cinema Camera

Canon 5D Mark III

Since the internal 5DM3 codec was too soft to intercut with the BMCC, we decided to experiment with the new RAW hack from Magic Lantern. Many of our b-roll shots were shot on the 5DM3R, as well as all our Steadicam Merlin shots. The BMCC and 5DM3R cut amazingly together and gave us a very cinematic combination. The 5DM3R will give me a very nice and portable RAW solution until, of course, my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera arrives.

Steadicam Merlin

For lenses, we primarily stuck with our zooms. I love my primes but again, when you have 2 days to shoot, zooms are the best option to get as many shots done as possible. Our go to lenses were the Canon 10-22 F/3.5-4.5, Canon 24-105 f4L IS, Canon 16-35 f/2.8L II.

Canon 10-22mm
Canon 24-105mm F/4 IS
Canon 16-35mm F/2.8L

Keeping with the cinematic style, we also used our very portable Varavon Motorroid Video Camera Slider system. It’s lightweight and only travels about 3 feet but we found it more than enough for our fast paced production schedule. It’s variable speed motor gave us a lot of flexibility on the speed and also gave us a nice consistent movement without any of the flaws of human hands pushing on a slider stage. We used it a lot in this video, probably too much, but it did give a lot of production value to many of our shots.

Here’s a fun BTS video showing parts of the production

All the exteriors in the video were shot with natural light so we had to strategically shoot those scenes after 4pm when the light was best. For the interiors, if natural light wasn’t available, we took advantage of our F&V K4000 Daylight Kit. We also used our Sunrise Mini-Jib fro ePhoto Inc. for our epic lobby shot. For monitoring we used our trusty SmallHD AC7 IPS for critical focus and framing.

fvlighting k4000 led light panels
F&V K4000 Daylight & K4000s Bi-Color LED Video Light Panels

Portable Mini Jib
Portable Telescoping Mini Aluminum Video Crane Jib

Well that’s it, hope you found this informative and I’m looking forward to doing more of these blogs in the future!

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