Delkin Fat Gecko Suction Mount


The Fat Gecko suction cup mount allows users to secure cameras to motorcycles, cars, trucks, airplanes, or any other smooth, flat, non porous surface. The blend of rugged design and ease of use makes Delkin’s Fat Gecko camera mount optimal for use in a multitude of situations. Fat Gecko’s suction cups are so strong they can hold an *eight pound camera and the double knuckle design and 2-inch extension tube allow for 360-degree tilt, 360-degree turn, and 360-degree rotation for all the best filming angles in any activity. The 1/4 x 20-inch tripod mounting screw means users can use virtually any digital still or video camera on the market. In addition, the suction cups use a quick release function to make attaching and detaching you camera easy and fast. Find the Fat Gecko Suction Cup Mount (here on Amazon)

Delkin Fat Gecko Suction Mount


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