Varavon Motorroid Universal Motorized Slider Upgrade Kit

The Varavon Motorroid kit is a universal upgrade kit designed to Motorize any video camera slider on the market. The system comes with two main parts that need to be attached to each end of a slider using a 3/8″ or 1/4″ threaded mounting port. The Motorroid features limiting switches on each end that can [...]

Discount on Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod

Currently there is a promotional discount for the Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage AL tripod. These tripods typically priced over $535.00 is currently being listed for just $479 on B&H (found here). Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod & Mid-Level Spreader

BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera + 4K Production Camera

BlackMagic Design is once again the life of NAB 2013 announcing a new 4K Production camera and a Pocket Cinema Camera. The Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K is precision engineered for quality in an incredibly small size. You get a beautifully crafted design featuring a machined aluminum chassis, EF lens mount for interchangeable optics, high [...]

BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera – In Stock

The BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera EF mount has been difficult to track down through retailers, but today Adorama has them in stock. Here’s your chance over at BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera – In Stock

LockCircle Announces PrimeCircle Wireless Aperture EF Lenses

The Prime Circle XE System is a complete range of innovative prime lenses with electronic aperture and wireless control up to 300 ft, available in 10 different focals from 15mm to 135mm with a makro 50 and makro 100mm. The Prime Circle XE lenses are world class optics (Carl Zeiss) in a high-end shape and [...]

Convergent Design Odyssey 7 / 7Q OLED Monitor + 4K Recorder

The Odyssey family is a professional 7.7” OLED monitor with high-end monitor features, including Waveform, Zebras, Histogram, Vectorscope, Focus Assist, False Color, Timecode Display and Audio Level Meters, and 1:1 Pixel mode. Odyssey7 includes HDMI I/O, and SD/HD/3G-SDI I/O; in both single and dual link configurations. As you have come to expect from Convergent Design, [...]

Sony FS700 with Laing M-02 Steadicam Vest

Promotional video for J. Cameron Bridal of San Francisco. Model: Karina Cornelio Wardrobe: Janice Siapno Make-up: Claudia Ponce This is a recent project shot with the Sony FS700 taking advantage of it’s super slow motion capabilities. For the Steadicam shots the FS700 is mounted to the Laing M-02 Steadicam and Vest System. This is the [...]

Comparing Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Mark II vs DigiPro HD

Adding additional pieces of glass to your lenses can cause softness, but is most noticeable when using long zooms. A good quality variable ND filter will retain as much sharpness as possible and prevent excessive color shift while changing densities. In this test we compare how the original image appears with a standard 70-200mm F/2.8, [...]

Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Digital Cinema Camera – Rent It

The new Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Digital Cinema Camera is one of the most exciting cameras released from Sony this year. Many professional cinematographers may be considering testing it’s abilities in the field. At a $16,500 price tag, it may not be something to dive right into a purchase, but here’s a chance to rent the [...]

Redrock Micro Universal Video Matte Box Review

The Redrock Micro Universal Matte Box works with video cameras, 35mm lens adapters, and motion picture film cameras. The flattened shade is designed to work for wide angle lenses. With a Swing-away design, lens and filter changes are fast and simple. The Universal Matte Box has separate locking knobs for filter position and filter rotation [...]

Rokinon 85mm T/1.5 Cine Lens Review

A look at Rokinon’s latest 85mm T/1.5 Cine Lens. Build quality feels very solid. The Cine lens lineup from Rokinon offers de-clicked aperture rings and built in lens gears. Focus is very smooth and images are very sharp for this price point. This lens will provide smoother focus movements over Auto Focus Photo Lenses that [...]

Laing Camera Support Steadicam Vest Video Stabilizer – Flying RED Scarlet

The Laing M-02 Camera Support Vest Stabilizer Kit is a quality Steadicam Vest Stabilizer Kit that is designed to fly heavy camera setups. This system is not recommended for lightweight setups. I have been using this system to fly a Sony FS700 camera as well as a fully rigged up RED Scarlet weighing 22 lbs. [...]

Sony Shipping new 4K Cameras

Sony is now shipping The CineAlta™ 4K professional cameras, the PMW-F5, and the new PMW-F55. Sony has also began shipping the new PVM-X300 30″ IPS 4K monitor. Prices for these products range from $16,000 to $31,0000 US dollars. Find out more details and specs about the new arrival of 4K Sony products through the links [...]

Wooden Camera BMC Kit for BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

BlackMagic Design’s new Cinema Camera is truly an ergonomic nightmare, so the first upgrade on your list might be adding a basic handle. The Wooden Camera BMC Kit is a great solid starter set for the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. This includes a mini base to attach 15mm rails, a top handle, and nato rail [...]

Laing Camera Support Steadicam Test Footage

The Laing Arm / Vest Camera Support Stabilizer kit is an affordable alternative Steadicam for heavier camera setups such the Sony FS700 or RED Scarlet. The above video shows an example of footage shot from one of these products. Many are comparing this to other systems over $5,000 US dollars, yet the Laing vest can [...]