Monster Headphones: iSport

Hey guys, I recently completed a TV spot for Monster Headphones that’s been airing on ESPN and I wanted to share some of the behind-the-scenes of the process. The concept was to showcase various features of Monster’s iSport line of headphones through athletes doing various training sessions like boxing, cross-fit, running, and etc. The production [...]

SLR Magic Anamorphic Mount

A couple days ago, Andrew of SLR Magic was kind enough to let me play with their upcoming anamorphic adapter here in San Francisco and I have to say I was very impressed with the unit. I only got to play with the unit for a brief time and we were pretty much stuck inside [...]

Fluig Identity Project – BTS Info

Here’s a little BTS Blog on a corporate video I did a few months back. I added links to the BTS video and the final video as well. Silicon Valley tech company TOTVS Labs recently asked Torres Studios to produce a corporate film for them. Take a look at this time-lapse video of us in [...]

Shape DSLR Video Cage – Kirk Neff Edition

Here’s a quick look at the Shape Kirk Neff Edition DSLR Video Cage. The Cage is lightweight and simple yet robust enough to handle mounting many of your popular accessories. The cage is ready to mount directly to a tripod and comes equipped with a set of 15mm Rails for your follow focus or matte [...]

Flying Defy G2 Gimbal Stabilizer w/ BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

After unboxing the new DEFY G2 Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer along with recently receiving the new BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, it was time to pair them up for a test drive. Here are the first results, which I know can be improved with additional practice. First impressions: I’ve heard that these brushless gimbals are a lot [...]

First Tests from the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Took the little Pocket Camera out for a spin to test it’s ProRes abilities. So far i’m finding the camera can easily be cut along side with the larger more expensive systems. A small discreet system with this quality will surely receive plenty of use in my productions. The BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras have been [...]

Unboxing the DEFY G2 Brushless Motor Camera Stabilizer

Finally the DEFY G2 3-axis Camera Stabilizer has arrived. Unlike steadicams that require practice and skill and the talent to balance a camera using heavy counterweights, these new brushless motor stabilizers rely on a controller and motors to keep the camera’s horizon level at all times. Since the stabilizer does not require counterweights, the overall [...]

Equipment Used for Project – 1190 Mission: Trinity Place

I get a lot questions about what type of equipment I use for a typical Torres Studios video production so I figured I’d right a little blog about the video I recently produced for 1190 Mission: Trinity Place. 1190 Mission: Trinity Place is an apartment complex that was recently completed on San Francisco’s Market St. [...]

Panasonic GH2 inside of Fhugen GH3 Cage

To this day i’m still working on several paid projects with a hacked GH2 camera. The quality is outstanding, the post workflow is simple, and the size of the camera makes it easy to travel with. For this GH2 camera, it is ideal to find a small rig that compliments this. This Fhugen Honu Cage [...]

Edelkrone Modula MONITOR / EVF HOLDER Review

Unlike traditional magic friction arms, the Edelkrone Monitor / EVF Holder does not eventually spin loose when making adjustments to your Monitor or Electronic View Finder. Like other Edelkrone products, this product is built like a tank. You can find this product at or through many of their eBay resellers (found here). Edelkrone Monitor [...]

How to Achieve Dynamic Balance Laing Steadicam

The Laing stabilizer vest system has become a very popular aftermarket system used for heavier cameras such as the RED or Sony FS700. Youtube member Eric Teotico has put together a great video showing you the steps to achieve dynamic balance on the Laing Steadicam. You can find the Laing Stabilizer Vest Kit via eBay [...]

Portable Telescoping Aluminum Mini Video Jib / Mini Crane

Here’s a quick overview of a new affordable Portable Telescoping Mini Video Jib for DSLRs or or other small video cameras. This mini video crane is very lightweight and easy to setup. You may have to purchase additional weights if you plan to use it at full extension, but otherwise the product offers great value. [...]

Canon 14mm T/3.1 CN-E L F Cinema Prime Lens Available

B&H just posted New Arrival availability for Canon’s latest addition to the CN-E Cinema Prime Lens Lineup. The new 14mm is an Ultra Wide-Angle for Full-Frame Format with a T3.1 Maximum Aperture and 11 Blade Iris. Canon’s Cinema Prime Lenses are now offered in 14mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm and can all be found [...]

Magic Lantern Canon 5D Mark III – RAW vs Internal Codec

Here’s a few RAW vs Internal Codec examples of the Canon 5D Mark III using the Magic Lantern firmware. With the Magic Lantern firmware installed and configured, the 5D Mark III will capture RAW video as an image sequence similar to the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. The individual images will need to be assembled as [...]

Redrock Micro One Man Crew Motorized Parabolic Slider

Many projects will require you to shoot solo, and operating a B-cam can be challenging if you want to add dynamic camera movements. This is the reason Redrock Micro has announced a One Man Crew Motorized Parabolic Slider that automatically moves a camera back and forth while maintaining your subject in frame through a (parabolic) [...]

GiniRig Pro 1500 Hand Held Shoulder Rig Review

Here’s a quick look at the Gini Rigs Bridge Shoulder Rig (for Red, Arri, Blackmagic). Gini Rigs offers high quality affordable systems for both small consumer video cameras to high end professional camera systems. More Gini products can be found at their eBay Store (click here). Gini Rigs Video Camera Stabilizer Systems

Convergent Design Odyssey 7/7Q NAB2013 Product Information

Here is some additional information about the new Odyssey OLED Monitor + Recorders from the NAB 2013 Show. The monitors are already available for pre-orders following the links below. Convergent Design Odyssey7Q RAW Monitor & Recorder Convergent Design Odyssey7 RAW Monitor & Recorder